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Local Rules of the 2nd District

Click the following link for the latest update to the local rules effective February 1, 2006:

Supreme Court Order Regarding Court Management and Magistrate Jurisdiction

Supplemental Order Regarding Parenting Responsibilities

Clearwater County Court Information - 208-476-5596
Idaho County Court Information - 208-983-2776
Latah County Court Information - 208-883-2255
Lewis County Court Information - 208-937-2251
Idaho County Court Information - 208-799-3040

For a complete list or for more information, please contact the Trial Court Administrator:

Jay Gaskill (Magistrate Judge)

Acting Trial Court Administrator
P. O. Box 896
Lewiston, ID 83501
Telephone (208) 799-3050
Fax (208) 799-3192
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